Will Rep. Arnone Support Marijuana?

Lori Unghire (R – At-Large)

As a way to look for more revenue, instead of correcting Connecticut’s fiscally irresponsible spending, one avenue brought up has involved the legalization of recreational marijuana.  Some of those in favor bring up arguments touting increasing revenue and personal liberty.  But is this the whole story?

Councilor Unghire doesn’t think so.  In line with Rep. Arnone’s recent concerns over opening another liquor store in Enfield, Lori Unghire wonders if he’ll apply the same logic when voting on legalization of marijuana.  She wonders if, in his mind, potential long-term health issues be outweighed by Connecticut Government’s cash-grab.  To read Lori’s plea to Rep. Arnone, please…    Read More…



No Longer is the Sky Falling in Enfield.

Enfield RTC Vice-Chairman Kelly Hemmeler

Under Republican leadership, Enfield keeps moving forward.  It is, and has always been our goal, to make Enfield a place where people want to live, work and do business.  Now, we are on the brink of spurring much needed economic revitalization in town.

At the Town Council meeting on February 4th, a presentation was made regarding the creating of a Tax Incremental Funding (or TIF) district encompassing Thompsonville and Enfield Square.  This presents a new opportunity for growth and economic development to build on what is already in the pipeline.  This TIF will be a powerful tool and could benefit us all.  To learn more about what’s to come, please…    Read More…


Republicans In The Community

Republicans are active participants in the well-being of Enfield.  When not working, serving on boards and commissions or spreading our message, you can often find them volunteering at one or more of the wonderful organizations in this town…

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A Message From Our Chairman…

Enfield RTC Chairman Mary Ann Turner

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Enfield Republican Town Committee. Our goal is to give you local Republican news and information, and have you come to understand why we believe “Enfield, Connecticut: It Just Keeps Getting Better.”

Enfield Republicans believe in government being fiscally responsible, responsive to the needs of its citizens, and allowing each citizen to grow, prosper and enjoy life in his or her own individual way… Learn More



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