Enfield GOP set to honor Bob Hendrickson as Republican of the Year

Image of Bob Hendrickson
Bob Hendrickson


Enfield’s Republican Town Committee will recognize active member and a 2022 legislative candidate, Bob Hendrickson as its Enfield Republican of the Year.  Honors will be bestowed this Friday evening at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner gathering of Connecticut’s 7th Senatorial communities.

“Bob Hendrickson is a huge asset to our local Republican party and the Enfield community,” said Kelly Hemmeler, Enfield’s Republican Town Committee chairperson.  “Bob got involved with the ERTC and quickly set about to understand the mission of the organization and the opportunities that exist to participate in Enfield’s local government and elections.”

Hemmeler continued, “Bob Hendrickson has helped candidates, he’s contributed his opinions and passions to the public dialog, he’s volunteered to serve as a municipal official, and stepped-up enthusiastically last year to understand the broader issues in at the State House and to running for the General Assembly’s 58th District seat himself.  Enfield residents are lucky to have a citizen like Bob Hendrickson committed to making their neighborhoods better places to live and prosper.”

Hendrickson is currently an appointed member of the Enfield Wetlands Commission.  He is a former store director of Shop Rite, and worked in Enfield for more than two decades before moving into the community fifteen years ago.  Hendrickson and his wife, Kathie, have two grown children, and he now operates his own small business and volunteers with the Enfield Food Shelf.

“Whether Bob is amongst his family or working with us on civic activities what speaks loud and clear to me is this man’s sincerity and genuine care to make a positive difference”, Hemmeler added.

The 7th Senatorial Lincoln Day Dinner celebrates the Republicans of the Year from East Granby, East Windsor, Enfield, Granby, Somers, Suffield, Windsor and Windsor Locks.

Previous Republican of the Year honorees from Enfield, in order since 2001: Mary Ann Turner, Roger Olsen, Priscilla McManus, Bill Lee, Yvonne Prestwich, Bill Ballard, Scott Kaupin, Jo Marie Nelson, Bob Tkacz, David Wawer, Jason Jones, Dominc Alaimo, Chuck Johnson, Kelly Hemmeler, Walter Kruzel, Donna Sczewczek, Tom Sirard, Chris Rutledge, Joe Bosco Linda Degray, Marie Pyzner, Ken Nelson.

Bob Hendrickson, 860-372-6018
Kelly Hemmeler, 860-543-3257

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