Are You Ready To Vote?

The November elections are fast approaching and our future will be at stake on Tuesday, November 3rd. President Trump is planning for his second term in office and State Senator John A. Kissel (7th District) is campaigning for re-election along with State Representative Carol Hall (59th District). Mary Ann Turner is seeking her first term as State Representative in the 58th. We ask you to vote on November 3rd either by absentee ballot or in person at the polls because this is not the election you want to be sitting on the sidelines. Remember, if you vote at JFK Middle School, you will be voting this year at the Enfield Senior Center on Elm St. Otherwise, go to your normal polling site.

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Your Elected Officials

In November of 2018, Enfield residents elected Republican Sen. John Kissel and Rep. Carol Hall to represent them in the State Senate (7th District) and the State House (59th District), respectively. The Hon. Carolyn McCaffrey was also elected as our new Judge of Probate. Then, in November of 2019, Enfield residents elected all 8 Republican candidates for Town Council as well as all 5 Republican candidates for Board of Education. To learn more about your elected officials and how to get in touch with them, please click here.

Connect With The Committee

 Members of the Enfield Republican Town Committee come from all walks of life and are active in the community. In addition to promoting our values and ideals, they can be found volunteering all over Enfield and Connecticut. To keep up-to-date on all that we’re doing in addition to what’s going on around Enfield and Connecticut, you can also follow us on Facebook and YouTube. To learn how and to learn more about the Committee… including how you can get involved, please click here.

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