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Meet Your Enfield Republican Officials

This Republican team is ready to begin the hard work for the people of Enfield and continue the great work accomplished the last 2 years by the Republican lead Town Council and Board of Education. They are available to listen and learn and share their thoughts on all the issues coming forward the next two years.

You will find them driven to do the best job possible for you, your family and for Enfield. This team will govern with sound financial efficiency and work to provide the highest quality of service and education opportunities with strong attention to cost.

We thank you for putting your trust into these people and at any time, please share whatever is on your mind….they are here to help.

Enfield Town Council

Front Row:

Joe Muller, Charlotte Riley, Kelly Hemmeler, Deputy Mayor, Donna Szewczak abd Lori Unghire.
Back Row:  Joey Bosco, Carl Sferrazzi, Mayor Mike Ludwick

Mayor Mike Ludwick (860-869-5933; mludwicfk@enfield.org)

Mayor Mike Ludwick, Mike earned his BA from Western New England University and his MPA from the University of Hartford after graduating from Fermi High School in 1987. Mike is a married father of two children. Aside from his role as Director of Underwriting at Aetna, Mike is the Mayor of Enfield and services as Chairman of the Public Safety, Insurance and Governance Committees. He was also the Girl’s Basketball Coach at St. Bernard’s and a member of the Republican Town Committee.

Deputy Mayor Donna Szewczak (860-212-3046; dszewczak@enfield.org)

Donna Szewczak, represents Enfield’s District 3 on the Town Council and is also Deputy Mayor. Donna graduated from Enfield High School in 1970 and then earned her BA from UCONN. She is married with two children and has one grandchild. Donna is newly retired from Szewczak Associates. Donna is Chairman of the Joint Facilities and Leisure Committees and serves on the Blight Board Commission. Donna is one of the founding members of the Hazardville Institute Conservatory and is a member of the Republican Town Committee.

Joey Bosco (860-982-8827; jbosco@enfield.org)

Joey Bosco, represents Enfield’s District 1 on Town Council. A graduate of Enfield High School, Class of 1980, he is a proud husband, father of three children and a grandfather to two. Joey is a small business owner as co-owner of Bosco’s Automotive on Simon Rd in Enfield. He is the Chairman of the Department of Public Works and Public Safety Committee. Joey has been a long-standing Director of the Four Town Fair and is a member of the Republican Town Committee.

Kelly Hemmeler (860-543-3257; khemmeler@enfield.org)

Kelly Hemmeler, District 2 councilor. Kelly is the owner of KH Bookkeeping Service LLC which is located in Enfield. Kelly has her Accounting degree from Manchester Community College and is married with two children and two grandchildren. Kelly is very involved in her community as a former Commissioner on the Inlands and Wetlands Committee, former Chairman of the Tax Appeals Board, a volunteer with the Opera House Players, Treasurer / Trustee of Cornerstone Church of CT and as a board member of the Little Sisters of the Poor. She is also a member of the Republican Town Committee.

Charlotte Riley (860-593-9841; criley@enfield.org)

Charlotte Riley, District 4 councilor.  Works at Aetna as a Long Term Care Claim Analyst. Charlotte is very active in the community and is currently a Den Leader for Cub Scout Pack 818, Box-Top Coordinator for Henry Barnard PTO, President of the First Readers Association and a member of the Republican Town Committee.  She is the former Board of Education as Vice-Chairman.  former Board of Education Finance Committee chairman and a member of the Joint Facilities Committee. Charlotte is a graduate of East Catholic High School, Class of 1996, and earned her BS from Central Connecticut State University. Charlotte is married with two children,

Joe Muller (860-462-4109; jmuller@enfield.org)

Joe Muller,  is an At-Large Councilor. Joe graduated from Fermi High School in 1990, earned his AS from Asnuntuck, his BS from Charter Oak State College and his MS from Rochester Institute of Technology. Joe, a father of two children, is the Building Superintendent at Asnuntuck Community College. Joe is the Chairman of Social Services Subcommittee, a member of Joint Facilities and very involved on the JFK Building Committee. Joe has been a director on the 4th of July Celebration for years and is a member of the Republican Town Committee.

Carl Sferrazza (860-837-3115; csferrazza@enfield.org)

Carl Sferrazza  is as an At-Large Councilor. Carl is the former Chief of Police of Enfield and retired in 2018. Carl has a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and a Bachelors of Science in Law Enforcement from Western New England College. Carl is married and has two children. He is an Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice at Asnuntuck Community College. Carl has been President of the Mt. Carmel Italian Society of Enfield for many years and is a member of the Republican Town Committee.

Lori Unghire (860-543-9033; lunghire@enfield.org)

Lori Unghire, is an At-Large Councilor. Lori graduated from Enfield High School in 1976 earned her Associates from Asnuntuck and attended the University of Massachusetts. Lori is an author, teacher, is married with two children and served on the Enfield Board of Education. She has also served on the Mayor’s Advisory Council, the CREC Council and CREC’s Board of Directors and is a Justice of the Peace and volunteers on the July 4th Celebration Committee.

Board Of Education Officials

Chris Rutledge, Bill Salazar, Jonathan LeBlanc, Vice Chairman, Wendy Costa and Board of Education Chairman Walter Kruzel

Wendy Costa (203-217-5045; wcosta@enfieldschools.org)

Wendy Costa, Vice Chairman of the Board of Education. Wendy is the former CFO of the Retirement Services Business of ING (formerly Aetna), now retired. Wendy has a BS from Fairfield University with a degree in Accounting. Wendy has two children and two grandchildren. Wendy is a member of the Town of Enfield Joint Facilities Committee and a member of the Republican Town Committee.

Walter Kruzel (860-841-0255; wjkruzel@enfieldschools.org)

Walter Kruzel, is the Chairman of the Board of Education. Walter graduated from E. Windsor High School in 1984 and received his BS from Keene State College. He is married with three children and is Co-Owner of Peerless Tool & Machine Co. in Enfield. In addition to serving on the Board of Education, Walter serves as liaison to the Joint Facilities Committee and is a member of the Republican Town Committee.

Jonathan LeBlanc (860-878-0251; jleblanc@enfieldschools.org)

Jonathan LeBlanc, is a member of the Board of Education. Jonathan is a graduate of East Catholic High, Class of 2015. He is finishing his BS degree at Norwich University and has also attended American University Justice & Law Program. In addition to being an assistant coach with the Enfield Ramblers, Jonathan spent many hours at the 4th of July Celebration as a volunteer and is a member of the Republican Town Committee.

Chris Rutledge (203-887-5425; crutledge@enfieldschools.org)

Chris Rutledge, is a member of the Board of Education. Chris graduated from Maryvale High School and received his BS in Health Care Management from California Coast University. Chris has three golden retrievers and is a Senior Data Analyst for Optum Health. Chris also volunteers his time with the technology teams at Cornerstone Church and the Enfield Food Shelf. He started a debate team at JFK Middle School and is on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Debate Association. Chris is also on the Board of and serves as 1st Vice-Chair for Rising Stars for Connecticut’s Future, Inc.

Bill Salazar (619-855-0945; Gsalazar@enfieldschools.org)

Bill Salazar, is a member of the Board of Education. Bill is Vice President of IT at Americas Eppendorf located in Enfield. Bill has his MBA from Pepperdine University and his BA from the University of California Riverside. Bill is married with two children. Bill is a member of the planning and zoning commission. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus, Council 9897 and a mentor at the Enfield Schools. He is also a member of the Republican Town Committee.