ERTC Names Joey Bosco Republican of the Year

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Joe Bosco, a member of the Republican Town Committee has been named 2019 Republican of the Year and will be recognized for his contributions to the Enfield Republicans at the annual Lincoln Day dinner on Friday, March 15th at the Skyline Restaurant in Windsor Locks.

Joey is being honored for his substantial contributions to the party but most importantly for his continuous contributions to the Town of Enfield. Joe’s family has lived in Enfield for more than 100 years and his feet are firmly planted here. Joe and Jackie have raised their three children in Enfield and are proud to have two beautiful grandchildren.

As a life long Enfield resident, business owner and farmer, Joe has dedicated himself to Enfield’s success and he has done more than most in the last 12 years he has been on the town council.

Republican Chairman Mary Ann Turner said Joey is “that voice many of us gravitate towards for common sense when many get lost in details.  Joey always gets us back on track.  More than once Joey has been able to streamline conversations and discussions to help all the councilors and residents understand why decisions are made.  But one thing that makes Joey… Joey, he will stay honest to his values.”

“Joey will tell you he thinks he is rough around the edges or doesn’t “say things just right,” said Mayor Mike Ludwick, but that is wrong.  He is Enfield.  He is a man who truly believes our best days are in front of us and he helps all the councilors make better decisions.”

In addition to serving as a town councilor, Joey has been a long-time member of the Four Town Fair as a director and organizer of one of the longest running fairs in Connecticut.

He shares his love of farming and has a variety of animals from chickens to horses and plans to add a few cute little piggies this spring to his farm.

Turner said she was not alone in supporting Joey as Republican of the Year. “Many town committee members nominated and recommended Joey. He is honest, driven, but most of all he believes in Enfield.”

Deputy Mayor, Donna Szewczak has worked with Joey on the DPW subcommittee, “he has truly been a constructive part of the council and helps bring a well-rounded attitude. As chairman of the public works subcommittee, Joe has used his creative business sense to increase and stretch our tax dollars. He was the key behind the recycling program, leasing equipment rather than purchasing, and streamlining other work in the DPW.  I admire Joe and enjoy working with him.”

“I believe community service is the best work of life and I live it every day both at my business, as a councilor but most importantly for my family,” said Joey.

The Lincoln Day Dinner is annual celebration for people who exemplify our principles of pride, respect and responsibility.   This year’s event will be held on Friday, March 15th at the Skyline Restaurant in Windsor Locks, CT.  A reception begins at 6PM with a dinner program at 7PM.  Tickets are $40 and can be purchase by calling 860-306-2023 or by clicking here.

The keynote speaker is Don Pesci a political columnist who has written for various newspapers and currently writes for the blog, Connecticut Commentary: Red Notes from a Blue State.

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