Photo of Republican municipal candidates 2023

Enfield Republican Candidates Selected

The Enfield Republican Town Committee endorsed the following candidates for Election Day 2023 – November 7

TC district 1Ken Nelson
TC district 2Kelly Hemmeler
TC district 3Doug Finger
TC district 4Bob Hendrickson
TC at largeMichael Ludwick
TC at largeLori Unghire
TC at largeMarie Pyznar
TC at largeJim Nasuta
Board of EducationCharlotte Riley
Board of EducationPeter Jonaitis
Board of EducationPhilip Kober
Board of EducationJean Acree
Board of EducationJanet Cushman
ConstableJoseph Muller
ConstableMaria Diana
ConstableWalter Kruzel
ConstableDean Gousse
2023 Enfield Republican Candidates

November 7, 2023 Municipal Election Calendar (CT SOTS)

Links to the Office of the Secretary of the State detailing a chronological summary of certain requirements for the November 7, 2023 regular elections, applicable in the absence of a Special Act to the contrary.