Rep. Arnone Seems to be Picking Winners and Losers

ERTC Chairman Mary Ann Turner

(Credit: Enfield Press – 1/24/2019)

For far too long, government at the State level has unsuccessfully tried to pick winners and losers.  The consequences… businesses leaving Connecticut thanks to these policies from Hartford.  And one of our newest Representatives, Tom Arnone, seems to be heading down the same path.

On January 10th Rep. Arnone stood in front of the Liquor Control Commission, per the Journal Inquirer, and said “another liquor store shouldn’t be allowed in Enfield.”  Since when has Tom Arnone become a prohibitionist?  Or is the sudden opposition spurred on by ulterior motives?

The number of liquor stores in Enfield is beside the point.  Did Rep. Arnone miss the part where this potential new business can open in Enfield because STATE and LOCAL rules allow it?  He hasn’t even been there a month and we already are getting a glimpse on how Rep. Arnone will use his position to pick winners and losers.  I thought he was elected to help encourage business growth in Enfield.  Didn’t you?

To help businesses, government needs to stay out of the way and let businesses do what they do best…  and that’s do business.  When government steps in to pick winners and losers, we all lose.  Perhaps Representative Arnone didn’t get that memo and decided it was better to stifle competition in order to give a heavy-handed advantage to his friends.  Hmmm, makes you wonder.

— Mary Ann Turner, ERTC Chairman

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