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Candidate Profile: Marie Pyznar

Marie Pyznar, running for Enfield Town Council At Large, shares with the Enfield Patch her views and experiences.

Published on the Patch on October 9, 2021

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Image of Enfield Town Council Candidate Marie Pyznar
Marie Pyznar – Enfield Town Council At Large Candidate 2021

Article Highlights

Family: Married for 46 years with 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren.

Experience: Inlands, Wetlands and Watercourses Commissioner; Serving on Joint Facilities, Enfield Economic Development.

Biggest Issue in Town: Thompsonville area development.

Addressing Biggest Issue: Work to develop Enfield as a shopping and entertainment destination, and as a welcoming town for businesses.

Differences with Opponent: Marie will work diligently to maintain Enfield’s excellent credit rating (AA+), while strategically investing in critical and urgent projects.

Accomplishments: Successful business owner (Marie is currently retired). Local insurance agent who worked with many residents and businesses in town.

Other Issues: Degradation of general civil discourse.

What Else? – Pattern of helping and assisting others, past and current volunteer activity.

Read the entire article on the Patch here.

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