What Else WIll Be Taxed? Give Them Five Minutes.

ERTC Chairman Mary Ann Turner

What Else Will Be Taxed? Give Them Five Minutes.


It has been five weeks since the general assembly went back to work and the Democrats have made it clear, your money is their money.

If you haven’t realized it yet, they do not know how to save money, just spend it. ALL OF IT every penny you can possibly earn.

We have not seen one bill come out that saved. But we have seen sales tax increase proposed to 6.85%, a prescription tax, grocery tax, state wide property tax, state wide car tax and don’t let us forget the 82 new tolling gantries on every highway and byway proposed.


Rep. Arnone, please, stop working on bills that hurt more than they help. The General Assembly has this dire need to keep helping the “few” and not the many. Family leave is not going to be used by all, but WILL be paid by all. It will be costly and it WILL NOT fix a problem.

Minimum wage is not supposed to be a “living wage.” You are taking away any opportunity for 16 – 20 year olds to get a job; because you don’t see the whole picture…the General Assembly only focuses on the few. Maybe there are tiers of minimum wage. Try considering that.

Of course education costs are too high, but again, the general assembly caused this. Stop the crazy salaries at UCONN. The professors who have their graduate students run their classes to the overpriced administrators. You want to make state education more affordable, stop medalling in it.

People who get something for free…. perceive it to have NO VALUE. Free is not free. The cost is just moved to someone else’s pocket, which includes everyone in the Legislature.

We need to have people be more self sufficient, but the bills the Democrats support won’t do that…. it will just be one more brick on the Connecticut taxpayers shoulders, one more worry as we go to sleep each night.

I ask all our representatives, Vote for Enfield…remember, your work is to make things better not worse.

Mary Ann Turner
Previously published in the Enfield Press
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