Governor Lamont and his Legislators Pander for Votes

Mayor Mike Ludwick

State Government Picking Economic Winners and Losers

The Connecticut legislature along with the newly elected Governor recently signed the “state-backed, no-interest bank loans” for federal workers. I completely understand this was passed with good intentions, however I want each taxpayer to ask themselves a couple questions: why aren’t these state backed no-interest loans available to all of us? How is this fair? Is this a violation of Federal regulations with regards to gifts?

Without a doubt, this is a very sweet deal for individuals who thankfully are not losing their jobs, and who will receive their rightful back-pay.

Why then has the state decided who receives special treatment under the law? My understanding is that both Webster Bank and People’s Bank will have provided these no-interest loans but with a very important caveat; “State Government must back-up these loans.” In other words, you and I would be on the hook for anyone who potentially may have defaulted on their loan.

Furthermore, responsibility was punted down to the municipalities as the legislation allows cities and towns to voluntarily permit the federal employees to defer their real estate or motor vehicle taxes, along with sewer or water taxes. If the state felt that strongly, then why not defer certain state taxes? This is another unfunded mandate and potential loss of revenue for the Town of Enfield. Remember, the Town of Enfield had its state funding cut approximately $8-$10 million last year.

Government should not be choosing winners & losers especially with taxation. Many good people, families, and friends have had their homes foreclosed upon. I would surmise many of these very same people would love for the banks to be this generous for them.

Instead of tolls, I personally think it would be great if these same banks backed by the State of CT, offered no interest loans to all our people who work hard, & continue to pay their mortgages & their taxes.

Mike Ludwick, Mayor of Enfield

Enfield, CT 06082

Previously published in the Enfield Press
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