Why We Love Enfield

Marie Pyznar

I would like to mention a few reasons why I am proud to live in Enfield and have raised my family here.

We have a new high school, and soon a new Middle School, as well as 6 grammar schools, all staffed with dedicated caring teachers.  Our schools are furnished with modern technology to help prepare our students for a bright future.  We offer music, arts, theater, and sports, encouraging each student to follow their passion.

We have a vibrant Community College that not only offers college courses, but welding, manufacturing, massage, health studies, and the list goes on.

There is Adult Ed offering classes for both knowledge and fun.

Enfield has an outpatient surgical center, as well as a cancer center, allowing residents to stay close to home for medical services instead of traveling to Hartford or Springfield.

Our Social Service programs offer everything from before school and after school programs, classes for parents, and grandparents, all based on a sliding scale to ensure everyone receives the services they need.

Enfield Housing Authority offers a variety of housing for our elderly, disabled, and low income.

We have a Senior bus, as well as Magic Carpet offering affordable transportation to our residents.

There is a Soup Kitchen serving meals 7 days a week, a food pantry, and a warming center for the winter months assisting our residents in need.

Our police, fire, and first responders are second-to-none in responding to emergencies.

The Senior Center offers everything imaginable to not only Enfield seniors, but out of town seniors.

We may not have a vibrant Mall, but we do have a wide variety of stores offering everything you need.  Plus, we have 4 grocery stores, not counting Caronna’s Market.

There is weekly rubbish and recycling pick-up, leaf pickup in the fall, and snow plowing in the winter.

Our 4th of July is considered one of the best in the state, and each year Mt. Carmel does a fabulous Italian festival.

There are civic and private groups that provide family fun days, such as the Jack-o-lantern festival, and town wide Easter Egg Hunt.

But the best part about living in Enfield, are the residents themselves.  Our town comes together when our neighbors need help.  Whether it’s a house fire, a child or parent diagnosed with a serious illness, or someone just down on their luck, I have seen this town come together to help.

My list can go on and on, but my point is Enfield is a great town to live in.  Yes, we have room for improvement but so does very town.  I’m hoping the people here tonight and watching at home are all thinking something positive about Enfield right now, because I’m asking everyone to come to the next Council meeting and share their positive thoughts.  If you can’t be here, or are too shy to talk in public, I ask you to email or call a council person to share your positive thoughts.  By changing our focus from the what could have been to what could be will help us move Enfield forward to what we all want, a vibrant, wonderful town to live in.  I have every confidence that our elected officials want the same thing.

Marie Pyznar
(As presented to the Enfield Town Council on February 19th, 2019)

Have questions or want to tell us why you love Enfield?  Contact us.