Elections Have Consequences

BOE Member Chris Rutledge

In 1811, philosopher Joseph de Maiste wrote “Every nation gets the government it deserves,” and in an election, voters get the government elected. The dust from last November’s has begun to settle allowing us to get a clearer picture of what that government and its Democrat-majority’s policies entail.

The Connecticut State Legislature wants to legalize marijuana. Is this truly the best way to raise revenue? Or will this policy have the unintended consequences of increasing access to our children in concert with increasing the number of impaired drivers on the road? At present, there is no way to accurately test short-term THC concentrations and the 2017 data out of Colorado indicates that over 25% of marijuana users admitted to driving under the influence on a regular basis.

This same Democrat Legislature wants to make Connecticut a sanctuary state. Is this truly motivated by some moral imperative? Or will this decision make us less safe, siphon revenue from taxpayers and provide more avenues for voter fraud?

Finally, the Democrat Legislature continues to look for more revenue sources including tolls across the state, sales tax on groceries and statewide property taxes. Will these new taxes actually correct Connecticut’s financial course? Or is this nothing more than a clandestine attempt to give more to key Democrat demographics who pay little to no tax while increasing costs on the hard-working families of Connecticut?

Elections have consequences and our choices can have lasting ramifications. When we vote, we in effect agree to support the legislation put forward by these elected officials. Last November, a majority of Connecticut voters got what they wanted: a state government intent on raising taxes, legalizing marijuana, protecting illegal immigrants and implementing tolls across the state. Only time will tell if Connecticut residents will truly want what they are going to get. In either case, we will all have to live with the consequences of their decisions until the next election.

Chris Rutledge
Previously published in the Enfield Press
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