Enfield Republicans Endorse Candidates

On Tuesday, July 23rd local Republicans endorsed people for the Town Council, Board of Education and Constable positions. The following were unanimously endorsed.

District Town Councilors: Joey Bosco (District 1), Kelly Hemmeler (District 2), Donna Szewczak (District 3) and Charlotte Riley (District 4).

Town Council At Large: Lori Unghire, Mike Ludwick, Joe Muller and Carl Sferrazza

Board of Education: Walter Kruzel, Chris Rutledge, Jonathan LeBlanc, Bill Salazar and Wendy Costa.

Constables: Ray Peabody, Mary Ann Turner, Rob Kwasnicki and Cindy Andersen

The Enfield Republican 2019 Slate of Candidates is a team to be proud of.  These dedicated volunteers are looking forward to working for the people of Enfield and continuing the great work already accomplished these last 12 years by the Republican lead Council and Board of Education.

“I am thrilled to be running with this amazing group of people,” said Mike Ludwick, Mayor of Enfield.  “I am proud to be part of a team of high energy, honest, and energized people.”

As election fast approaches, all the Republican candidates will be making every effort to meet and speak to members of the community and ask for their vote on Tuesday, November 5th . As we walk door-to-door, we hope you will take the time to chat with us and share your thoughts about Enfield.

We are here to listen and learn and share our reasons for wanting to run for office. You will find all of us to be driven to do the best job possible for you and your family and we know we are the team who will do what is best for Enfield, provide sound money management and work to provide the highest quality services and education opportunities with a strong attention to cost.

As Chairman of the local Republican party, it is a true pleasure to be part of a team of professional, talented and honest individuals who will continue the good work for the people of Enfield. Please vote Row B on Tuesday, November 5th you will continue to have a positive and successful government here in Enfield.


Mary Ann Turner
Chairman, Enfield Republican Town Committee

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