New Beginnings In Enfield

Charlotte Riley

School is in full swing and what a great few weeks the Enfield public schools have had. We have many new beginnings and opportunities for our kids and Enfield has a lot to celebrate. We opened our doors for the first students in our Eagle Academy.

Eagle Academy is our new special education school in town. We have always wanted to keep our kids in town and now it is a reality. The once-outplaced children going to special needs programs around the state now have the opportunity to stay home and get those services here, along with being able to participate in extracurricular activities they may have missed out on because of long rides home.

The building and custodial staff did a phenomenal job getting the school ready this summer and it looks beautiful.

We also opened our newly combined Stowe Early Learning Center. This means all our early learning programs are under one roof and all students get to enjoy our pre-k-12th grade “steam” curriculum. They all get to use the incredible play lab and they all get to socialize with each other.

Stowe Early Learning Center and Eagle Academy are huge accomplishments for Enfield. Many towns around the state are taking notice of the wonderful opportunities Enfield provides for our kids and we have had many inquiries about how we did it and how they might participate.

Our staff is incredibly dedicated to the success and growth of our students. What a wonderful job they have done to make these programs a reality. Without the support of the Board of Education and Town Council working together these milestones would not have become a reality.

Safety is a top priority for our kids and the council and board voted to expand the school resource officer program to all of our schools. SROs were there on day one making sure everyone is safe.

It’s a great time for Enfield schools and there are more wonderful things going on every day. I wish all of Enfield’s students an awesome, productive, fun and safe school year.

Charlotte Riley
Vice-Chairman, Enfield Board of Education
Candidate for District 4 Town Council
Previously published in the September 23rd, 2019 Journal Inquirer

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