Stop Taking Advantage Of Americans

Mike Ludwick, Mayor of Enfield

To: Ms. Briana DeVivo, Senator Murphy’s Office

I apologize that we haven’t had the chance to meet. I also appreciate the email & the update you provided!  Since you work for Senator Murphy, I need to be honest with you.  I am very disappointed with both Senator Murphy & Senator Blumenthal’s actions leading up to the corona stimulus vote.  While I understand they are already patting themselves on their backs like their hero’s, I want you to please confirm why or if $25 million was included within the stimulus for the Kennedy Opera House?

As you know, a large sum of money like that amount would be invaluable to help even more small business’s & their employees? What does the Kennedy Opera House have to do with those suffering from the pandemic?

In my opinion, there should not be 1 expenditure item within the stimulus package that does not directly benefit those negatively impacted by the virus & government action thereafter!

This shouldn’t be an opportunity for the federal government to take advantage of other Americans!

I would also like for you to please confirm for me if they voted themselves a raise included within the stimulus package as well?

Again that needs to be made public if so?

Finally, I respectfully request a line-by-line detailed explanation of every expenditure included within the stimulus package especially those expenditures that are not directly related to helping businesses and their workers who have been adversely effected by the corona virus & resulting government actions therein?

Many people are as scared of personal economic collapse as they are of catching the virus, we need people who are supposed to be in leadership positions to understand that this is not about them, it’s about their fellow good hardworking Americans.

It would be nice to actually feel like we want to be all on the same team, please have the Senator keep that in mind!

Mayor Mike Ludwick

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