Support Mask our Heroes

From the Desk of Bob Stefanowski
The COVID-19 virus has created an unprecedented shortage in basic surgical masks needed to protect our first responders.
Across Connecticut, nurses are using the same mask day after day. Caregivers in assisted living homes with patients already infected have no masks whatsoever, exposing themselves to contracting the virus. Police, Fire and EMT’s are heading out to emergency calls without protection.
But that’s going to change. has been able to source over 500,000, Level One, FDA approved surgical masks. Over the past week, this grassroots group has distributed them to first responders in over 150 towns and cities across Connecticut.
But they need your help ASAP! For as little as 75 cents, your donation can be used to provide a mask for one of our hero first responders. (And your donation is tax deductible).
Amy and I have been supporting this cause since the start and I am pleading with you to join us for those in our communities who are on the front line of this health crisis.
We need to support Mask our Heroes! These are our neighbors, our spouses, our children, our parents – the ones working so we can be safe.
I realize you receive multiple requests for donations. But we are in a crisis the world has not seen in decades.
And the people most at risk are heroes throughout Connecticut who are helping “flatten the curve” and are the most in need.
Amy and I would truly appreciate a donation, or any amount, at the link below:
Cell: (203) 415-3306

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