We Aren’t Morons, Joe

Speaker Joe Aresimowicz thinks it’s moronic for towns to voice opposition to tolls.

As one of those CT taxpayer’s and residents you called moronic for disagreeing with you on tolls, I demand an apology, Mr. Aresimowicz!

I called your office to speak with you on this issue.  I was very surprised when a member of your staff hung on up me.  Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I called back.  Your staff member decided it was appropriate to berate me because because I wanted to talk to you about your comment and your continued tax-and-spend attitude.

As you are an elected official, accountable to the people of Connecticut, I would think you would want to listen to those people and would understand why we want our voices to be heard.  Before describing us as moronic, perhaps you should consider some of the policies implemented under the leadership of you and your Democrat brethren:

  • Unfinished highways along with roads and bridges to nowhere
  • 30 years of not fixing our infrastructure while raising our taxes sky high
  • A money-pit of a public bus system
  • The stadium and $550 million given to Hartford to subsidize their poor financial planning
  • A SEBAC union contract saddling taxpayers for years along with collective bargaining agreements that are by no means bargains
  • Stopping Connecticut from being a right-to-work state
  • An abdication of our voice in the Electoral College
  • A Democrat Party that has decimated Connecticut because of its addiction to spending and taxation in lieu of fiscally responsible policies.

Speaker Aresimowicz, there are plenty examples of moronic actions.  Towns and municipalities passing resolutions in opposition to tolls is not one of them.  The direction your and your party’s decisions have put our once great state on are perfect examples.

Please take my suggestion.  You and your fellow Democrats should get some help for your addiction to spending our hard earned money so foolishly.  It’s time you put the future of Connecticut first instead of letting it take a back seat to your union supporters and special interests.  Maybe then, the moronic bills passed by your party will stop.

Theresa Meyer
Previously published in the Enfield Press
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