Wow!!! Enfield Is Onto Something.

Jonathan LeBlanc

The creation of the Eagle Academy by the Enfield Board of Education and the GOAL team is a fantastic thing for our town to look forward to adding to our educational system.  Having a special needs school right here in Enfield will be extremely helpful in bringing our own children back into their own community to be able to thrive here instead of bussing them off to other towns.  On top of that, based on what I witnessed at the Board of Education meeting on April 23rd, a very dedicated, caring and professional team will be overseeing the progress and success of this new school.

After viewing a presentation made by the GOAL team, it gave me full confidence that these children will receive the best education possible, get the proper attention they deserve in an environment suited and comfortable to their needs and truly be cared for by specially trained staff who will treat these children as if they were their own.

As an Enfield resident, it makes me proud that our town is doing things such as the creation of the Eagle Academy to bring our community closer together and add a new dimension to an already outstanding school system.  This will be a great addition to our town and the possibilities are endless.  We as a town owe a big thank you to the Enfield Board of Education and the GOAL team for making this possible.

Jonathan LeBlanc
Previously published in the Enfield Press
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