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BOE Member Jonathan LeBlanc
I remember being a young kid and dialing 911 because I accidentally thought there was a break-in across the street. I remember the Enfield police officer calming me over nothing but his presence meant everything.

I remember being an Enfield police explorer and interacting with all the wonderful police officers who always smiled at the kids who dreamed of being like them.

I remember going on an Enfield police ride-along and getting a true appreciation for the job police go through, day in day out.

I remember watching the news the last few years and seeing horrific images, yet the police were the ones running toward the danger.

I will forever be grateful of the police and the duties they uphold. I can proudly speak for Enfield when I say we have a world-class police department and I know our men and women in blue care deeply about all members in our community.

There’s always room for improvement, especially on a national level, and I recognize that. Our local police department recognizes that and strives every day to become better. I know this from personal interactions with our chief.

Conversations need to happen and everyone needs to be included from all walks of life.

This is not one-sided. The only side to this is the American side — and it’s us Americans who need to dig deep to find solutions.

When we all recognize that we are more alike then we think, we can achieve great things. We will get there.

I know there are better days ahead for everyone. We are a nation built on equality for all and we should settle for nothing less. At the end of the day we are one family: a family of multiple backgrounds, religions, creeds, and colors who, when united, can tackle and solve anything thrown our way.

— Jonathan LeBlanc

Previously published on June 22nd, 2020 in the Journal Inquirer

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